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VW/Audi  SRI Reset Procedures:

    Make sure vehicle interface is plugged into USB and OBDII ports.

   Start PC Retriever Software

   Select VW/Audi


   Select Address 17 Instrument Cluster


   Select 10 Adaptation.


   Under “Input Channel Number”, type in the number 02, and click “Read Value”.


   The “Output” is the current value for that channel.

   In “Input Test Value”, enter five zeros (00000)


   Next click “Test Value” – The Output number should change to zero.


   Then click “Write Value”


   This message should pop up. Click OK to save.


   If successful, a “Changed Value Stored” message will pop up.


   Click “Escape”


   Then recycle the Ignition Switch.

   Read the cluster – should be reset.

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