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Resetting Service Reminder on Volvo.

1986 > (200, 700)
3 Different Clusters

Early 200 had a level behind combi-cluster, speedo between 0 to 50 MPH / 80 KPH that you pushed up towards windshield.
Later 200’s had a small push hole on bottom right of combi while still mounted in dash.
Install push awl and push in lightly to hard. (Some of these you must remove combi to help the linkage push the lever as early type)
200 series, remove side plastic beside the dash (left side 2 knobs headlight and face cover, right side 2 squares or a square face around a gauge) and find 4 screws, also 2 screws on top of steering column and plastic cover, reach around behind & find lever behind, or follow metal pipe from bottom right to the spot behind Speedo. Move up lever to reset.
NO MILEAGE ADJUSTMENS (Straight Mechanical)

700 Series

700 early series has two screws on bottom corners behind small plastic covers that pop out.
There is a left and right dimmer & clock adjuster knobs: (Go through them) and remove combi (if a turbo model, watch for the rubber vacuum/ pressure hose, it stays on when installing) then find the button behind Speedo. Travel at around 90 MPH / 140 MPH. Push it in from rear of Speedo head. You may have to push this button hard a few times.

Do you have a hole in the dash with a rubber plug beside Speedo head?


1990 - 1995 (200, 850, 740, 940, 960)

Right front, under hood or left front (800 series) diagnostic socket “A” hole #7 (look and see if there is a wire in the hole first, (some 1989-92 200, 700 don’t) put lead in from diagnostic unit. Turn on ignition (KOEO condition). Press button 4 times at one second intervals.
Each interval:
Wait for light, when LED stays lit push once (1 second)
Wait for light, when LED relights push button 5 times
Wait for light, when LED relights push button once
On some, the LED will wait 3 - 5 seconds, and then give a series of flashes, turn ignition key off, SRI will go out. If that does not work, please use your PC Retriever Scan Tool

1999.5-2000 (800, 900, 70, 90, S, V, AWD)

You can use the PC Retriever to reset.
Or use the information below.

2000-2006 (40, 60, 70, 80, XC90, S, V, XC)

You can use PC Retriever to reset SRI.

Or use the information below:

There are a few different types, if the car has a DIM and not a light; it resets the same way but slightly different. 3 different procedures follow:

  • NOTE! Make sure all doors are closed and the interior light is timed out. You have to wait a good 10 seconds with the key in OFF position before beginning the sequence.
    Make sure the DIM is saying “Service required”, NOT something else. Then check that the trip readout on the Speedo is on TRIP ONE = T1 (not on T2)
    After that, turn off ignition, your set to reset. Cars with service light only, make sure the same as above.

  • Turn the key to 1 position. Hold in the trip reset button (the counter will go to zero). Continue to hold the reset button in and turn the ignition key to position 2 within 2 seconds. When the trip reading changes back from zero to the original mileage, release the button. You may hear a beep or a light flash. Release trip button within 4 seconds (Maximum).
    Start a few times to make sure the service light in really reset. If not, repeat procedure.

  • Hold in the trip reset button: Turn the key to Position 1: Press & hold odometer reset button Turn the ignition switch to “run” position. After SRL Flashes or a beep is heard, release odometer reset button within 4 seconds. Turn ignition off, then back on and start to confirm reset acceptance.

2006-2007 (40, 60, 70, 80, XC90, S, V, XC)

Try to use PC retriever if that doesn’t work please use information below.

Also, if any change in distance / time (months or hours) is done with 1993 - 2007 cars that can be programmed, do that at the same time service is done.
What could happen is the car is set for 10,000 miles between DIM / SIR / SRL setting ON, it has 9,500 miles already used and a programming of 5,000 miles between will have the reminder come on right after programming.

Best, is to program at the oil change service. Remember on cars driving in traffic jams, every trip that hours run will turn on reminder before mileage is made. Car could have only 4,500 miles on it, but has been idling in gear moving at a craw for 900 hours on the same oil base.
Best of you do the programming on the reminder system to know the driving situation of the car.

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