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The VI box is plugged into the computer and NO LED lights are lit on the VI box, then you probably failed to complete the installation of BOTH SETS OF DRIVERS. Upon initial install of the PC Retriever System, the Found New Hardware Wizard MUST BE COMPLETED TWICE!!! Uninstall the PC Retriever program from the Add/Remove Programs in your control panel. Re-install the software by using the CD. If the problem persists, please contact ProgRama Scan Tools for further support.

You may also watch this video on how to install drivers
You are using the PC Retriever in the shop and DO NOT have a workable wireless network to print to (or any other means of printing Live Data) then you can save your print jobs and print them later. You do this by creating a PostScript file. First check to see if your laptop has a PostScript printer driver installed. Click Start > Printers & Faxes. Look for one or all of the following: ADOBE PDF or MICROSOFT OFFICE IMAGE WRITER. If you have either of these installed, just go back to your Live Data within the PC Retriever program, and print to your PostScript driver. Instead of PHYSICALLY printing the document, this will actually create a file on your hard drive of the Live Data document (which you can save, or print later when you are connected to a printer).