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SBC Servicing (Deactivation & Reactivation of system) for 211 or 230 chassis

Start the PC Retriever software.

Select ‘Mercedes’ from the main menu.

Then select either the 211 or 230 chassis, depending on which car you are working on.

Select SBC 1.0 or SBC 1.2 depending on which the car has.

A warning message will pop up. Click yes to continue.

Select Activations.

Select the appropriate function:

1. Before a tech does a brake job, they should select Deactivate SBC System.
This will Deactivate the system so the tech can safely perform the brake service.  When the system is deactivated, the Instrument cluster will be illuminated in red and a warning buzzer will sound.  Fault codes will be stored in the Traction and SBC modules also.

2.  After the brake job is complete, tech should select Activate SBC System. 
The Activation process will reset the brake counter, reactivate the SBC system so pressures will return to normal, readjust brake pad air gap, reset all faults, turn off warning buzzer and reset the red light in the Instrument cluster.

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