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Replacing ME 2.0/ME 2.1 Control Module

Start up PC Retriever software.

Select the appropriate class and model

Select ME 2

Select ‘Code Module’

You will get to a sub menu with three options on it to either read the version code, transfer the version code, or erase the version code.

How to read the code:

Select ‘Read Code’ from menu and a message will pop up with the current code.

How to transfer the code:

Select ‘Transfer Code’ from menu, hit OK.

A message will pop up telling you to not disconnect the diagnostic connector.

If the old control unit is still in, you will get this message.

Or, if the new control unit is already installed, you will see this message.

You will be prompted to enter the new version code.

If successful, you will see this message.

After, you will have to enter the car’s VIN.

How to Erase Version Code:

Select ‘Erase Version Code’ from menu, click OK.

You will be prompted if you are sure you want to erase the version code. Select yes.

After, you will get a message telling you the code has been erased. Click continue.

You must turn the ignition off for 45 seconds and turn it back on. After, click continue.

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