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ABC (Active Body Control) Rodeo Mode

- Can be distinguished by hydraulic lines to the strut.  Plus a main hydraulic pump on the engine.

Open PC Retriever software and select ‘Mercedes’

Select which car you are working on. The ABC is found in 215, 220, 219, and 211 chassis.

Select ‘Suspension’ from the next menu. (In the 215 chassis it will be listed as ‘ABC’)

Select ‘Activations’

Then click on ‘Activate All Struts (Rodeo Mode)

A message box will then appear.

After reading the instructions click on Continue.  You will be prompted one more time if you are sure.

Click Yes.  The Activation Sequence will start automatically and continue for 2 minutes.  If you need to more time, just repeat the procedure.  When you want to stop, click on Cancel.

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